Characteristics of a Great Realtor

Wanting to sell your property may also indicate that you need cash immediately, thus selling your estate requires a great realtor to get the deal done in no time. So here are some characteristics of a great realtor that you ought to find

  • In control – A true realtor knows what he’s doing and is proactive and can adjust to any situation.
  • Dedicated to their job – be it day or night he would still take phone calls and look up properties
  • Unbiased they don’t make any prejudgment to what the buyer can or can not afford
  • Honest to what they sell. They don’t just sell to make money but they market properties for the benefit of both the home seller and the buyer
  • Hospitable – they know how to treat customers gleefully
  • Organized – They keep meeting minutes, they keep records of essential information from their conversations with the prospects to protect themselves against the inevitable.
  • Patient – they don’t complain even when it’s getting dark outside and their client wants to see, the first home they have shown, again.
  • Straightforward – Ask them with direct questions and you’ll get direct answers
  • Keen observer – They take time understanding their clients’ needs, culture and buying habits
  • Good listener – They don’t just hear what their clients have to say but they feel them and do necessary actions to meet their clients’ needs.

What realtors expect from their clients?

Honesty – Seeking the help of real estate experts would really be very beneficial on the part of both seller and buyer. But while they assist clients in the contracts and lending process, all they require from them is honesty. Hiring a realtor will be of no use if sellers would mistakenly deal with a person who is financially incapable to buy a real estate. Clients should realize that they don’t produce money if they pretend that they’re qualified for a mortgage even when they’re really not.

Cooperation and Punctuality – Clients need to be punctual. Realtors don’t work for free and they’re not only working for you, there are also many important clients that require their quality time during work days. Business means money, so the more deals you close the more money you make – that makes every minute absolutely important especially for realtors. Therefore be considerate to other people’s golden time and don’t delay any appointment with a realtor or make lie when you’re late – that will only lose realtors’ interest to help you out.

A home with the right price tag is faster to sell. For sellers, do not overprice! For buyers, stop asking for too much discount! Period. And one more thing, buyers should know how much their budget is, if all you can afford is up to $100K, then there is where the search begins, refrain from insisting to realtors that you want to see homes starting at $300,000 “just to look”. There are many sites on the internet today that offer you to see MLS listing of properties for free and no hassle, so before you make an appointment with a real estate agent, make sure you know what you’re looking for or else stop complaining to realtors that they don’t know what they’re doing.

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