How to Start Off With Little Steps and End Up With Large Rewards As a Realtor

Many of us start of as realtors with big intentions to do big things. Although I love dreaming big; I find that there is power in starting small for the majority of us.

Starting small gives you permission to start where you are right now. Whenever your are establishing any kinds of goals its important to make sure you come from your present resources. Including skill level, financial and so on.

In this article I am going to share with you a few ways you can start of with a small focus and end up with big results from you real estate business.

Share small but deliver in a big way

There might be someone or multiple people in your life that are interested in your life. When we are just getting started it can be easy share our goals with people and find out later that our path to those goals was a little longer than we expected. There is nothing wrong with this. Unless their opinions show lake of faith in your success and effect your belief in yourself. This can happen sometimes if we have tried multiple times to start businesses in the past and didn’t follow through. If that is the case just communicate that you expect moderate results and do your best to surprise them with exceptional results.

Make your goals Small and Get Big Momentum

When we give ourselves small goals that we can reach regularly we build our confidence as realtors. Our confidence will have a big effect on the overall momentum we establish in our business. Take some time and establish small bench marks that give you an indication that you are progressing with your goals.

Big wide focus vs small narrow focus:

Many people think they have to learn each and every part of a their business right away. So they add all these activities that aren’t necessarily responsible for generating revenue. The truth is you only need to master the phase of your business that your in right now. Focusing on anything else can wast time, focus, and other tangible resources like money. If your just getting started with your real estate business then just focus on your first steps.

Focus on your first commission:

Just focus on a plan to make one commission. The more you can narrow your focus on your first commission the easier it will be to stay on task and not get distracted with anything but the actions that is going to get you to that first commission.

Narrow your niche:

Many people think they can be a realtor to anyone and everyone. But your marketing material will be 100 times more effective if you can think in small groups of potential clients. Your marketing materials will be effective because you can speak to the exact needs and wants and concerns of those people. This will help you to stand out from all of the other realtors out there that are generalist.

Start small by starting part time:

I hear a lot of people that are embarrassed because they have a job and also sell real estate. Like somehow that isn’t good idea. These people many times will end up leaving their job before they should and putting unneeded stress on themselves and their families. If your just getting stared give yourself permission to be part time. Just make sure that you block aside a specific amount of time that isn’t under 10 hours a week to work on your business.

Think small with your marketing

Mastering one marketing process or one way to bring in new business is more important than starting 100 customer getting activities that never really bring you any benefit. Have you ever seen neglected twitter account or facebook business page? When we choose to master one marketing process we can maximize our return from the resources we invest in making that marketing process work. Starting small with your marketing process is more effective approach for most realtors because when we start small with a marketing process we can take the time to master the parts that incrementally create a more profitable marketing channel

Think small commitments

When you bring your prospects down your marketing funnel the fewer decisions you can make the more likely they will be to make one. Not only that the smaller the step you can give them the easier it is for them to take a step when you ask them to contact you.

Think small Budgets and save big dollars

Thinking small budgets forces us to get more creative and become smarter at our craft. It forces us to keep from wasting resources. Thinking small budgets will help prevent missus of finances and insure longevity through your first stages of business development. Its easy for many of use to try to through money at problems we don’t know how to fix. When we force our selves to figure it out we become more successful because we understand the ins and outs of the foundation of our business.

At the end of the day narrowing your focus on the important parts of your business is just a reflection on your ability to focus on the activities that are going to get your results.

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