Looking For A Letting Agent In Your Local Area?

Letting agents can provide you with valuable advice and support, but how do you know which letting agent is right for you?

There are different levels of services that a landlord may require from a letting agency.

1) A Basic Introductory Service
This is where the letting agency find a tenant to live in your property and they will also provide a tenancy agreement for you and your tenant.

2) Rent Collection
Agents will find you an appropriate tenant, draw up a tenancy agreement, and they will also collect monthly rent, so you don’t have to worry about it.

3) Full management of the property
This is where the agency will find a tenant that suits your description, they will arrange the tenancy agreement, collect rent monthly, and they will also arrange for any maintenance repairs if there are any problems in your property, they will also help and advise you on ending your tenancy.

Using a letting agent may seem like an expensive option, but in reality it can save you both money and time. Letting agents can act like a go between for you and your tenant as it can be quite a stressful process attempting to deal with problems that may crop up at in sociable hours.

A letting agent will have experience and will know the local property market, they can offer a helping hand to if you’re looking at buying a property as they can advise you on what properties are in demand and which will be a waste of time and money. They can even advice you on furnishing and fixtures which you may require in your property, as your property does need to comply with legal standards.

There is financial advantage in using a letting agent as you can gain a higher amount of rent which will lead to more profit for yourself.

Shop around for a reputable letting agent, don’t just settle for the first one you come across, ask as many questions as possible, you need to ensure that the agent is right for you. If you’d like the letting agency to collect rent for you then be more thorough.

Perhaps some suggested questions you may find useful would be:
1) How long would it take for the tenants rent to clear?

2) If tenants require maintenance: Who would they call? What number would they call? Would they have a special maintenance man or would they have to refer to the yellow pages?

3) What telephone number would tenants call out of office hours?

4) How often would the property be inspected?

5) What will the inspectors look for when they visit?

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