What Clients Look For in a Commercial Realtor

When you work as an agent in commercial real estate, you will come across many different types of clients and prospects. Whilst each client and prospect will have their own needs and requirements in the sale or lease of the property, there are some specific and special skills that they look for in the agents that they deal with or appoint to help them.

Those real estate agents that choose to brand themselves around these specific and special skills tend to have more listings and conversions to transactions.

The client is looking for confidence and knowledge in the agents that they work with. Here are some specific ideas to help you build your conversions and branding:

  1. Local property knowledge of all the comparable properties in the area will be critical and important. Comparable properties will have influence on the marketing of your client’s property. It is essential to understand the pricing and other rentals offered in the area and with those comparable properties. If these properties are in close proximity, they will have major impact on your marketing campaign and asking prices or rents.
  2. Sign board presence in your territory will have relevance to the client. It suggests to them that you are the most active and successful agent in the area. For this reason make sure you have a signboard on all your listings.
  3. Creative advertising and marketing will be important to the client. Show them that you know exactly how to tap into the target market for the property and that a successful sale or lease is quite possible from that marketing campaign. The first few weeks of the marketing campaign will be critical to generating enquiry. Vendor paid advertising will be part of an effective marketing process.
  4. The database that you have put together personally will be worth explaining and displaying in the listing presentation. Every client or prospect likes to know that you have a group of people that you can talk to immediately about their property.
  5. If you can take a prospective buyer or tenant to the property soon after the listing is signed, then do so. If you can tell the client that you have someone to inspect immediately they are quite likely to consider you as the favoured agent to have the listing.
  6. Exclusively list the property for at least 90 to 120 days. It will take you that long to exhaust all marketing possibilities and get the message out to those buyers or tenants that are interested in the property. The first few weeks of the property marketing are the most important.
  7. Avoid ‘open listings’ when taking on a new property. Certainly an open listing is better than nothing, but you have no control on the property, the clients, and the negotiation. The client will also have less control on the marketing of their property. Multiple agents in an open listing situation will mean mass confusion.
  8. Show samples of your successful marketing campaigns and have a few success stories to tell. Clients like to know how others went with their similar property problems.

Confidence is everything in listing and marketing commercial or retail property. To be seen as the agent of choice to take on the listing, the list above will help you considerably.

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John Highman is an experienced Commercial Real Estate Agent, Workshop Speaker, and Coach.

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